My journey to earn extra income while being a stay-at-home Mom

Way back before I ever ventured onto Facebook, I was a blog reader.  Specifically, I read mommy blogs, homemaking blogs, things like that.  One product kept popping up in my favorite homemaking blog.  The blogger, whom I’d never met, but had grown to trust, raved about this product and had developed a relationship with the lady that was selling these hair thingies.  She raved about their ease of use and comfort for the long days of mommying and homemaking.  She even shared photos of the lady’s daughters using the same product!

At this time, I had two little girls, and had dabbled in bow-making.  The bows turned out pretty awesome, if I do say so myself, but were time consuming and always had to buy more ribbon (a whole spool!) to match every outfit that I wanted to match!  Perhaps, I though, these clips would work for me and my daughters, too.

So for months, I entered giveaway after giveaway.

Apparently, I’m not that lucky.

These are some of the beautiful hairstyles I was seeing back then in my giveaway stalking days!

Finally, I got sick of the failure and decided to just buy one.  I’m always looking for a deal, and upon further investigation, I discovered this was a direct sales company, and the kit was really affordable!  Just $50 (the cost of the starter kit in 2011) gave me 5 of these hair thingies!  So I did it.  I became a “kit nabber,” as I discovered later.  😉

Fast forward a few months.  I had been enjoying wearing my fancy new clips!  They looked so much nicer than the old, hairspray crusted clip that I’d been wearing since college.  (Yes, I wore the same clip, in the same hair style, every day for years.)  And while I say “fancy,” listen girls, I’m still a farm girl.  I’m not into fancy fancy.  But these were fancy enough for me to call them fancy, without being too fancy for me. lol!

An opportunity came up for me to do a Memory Walk fundraiser in memory of my Mom, whom I had lost to cancer the year before.  That was the day I changed from “kit nabber” to “Independent Stylist” aka home business owner.

When I saw how other women reacted to these hair thingies, I knew it wasn’t a fluke.  They came into my home skeptical.  I heard, “Nothing ever works in my hair, but you’re welcome to try.  It’s for a good cause.”  “My hair is too thick.” “My hair has gotten too thin.”  Every single woman that came to my home that night was amazed that they had found a product that worked for them!

PicMonkey Collage
This is me in some of my earliest hair selfies!

Since then, I have embraced my home-based business!  I did what I saw, and started contacting all the other blogs I followed about introducing these products.  I grew my online customer base.  I had another baby girl.  My husband stepped up to the plate and gave me days off from mom duty to pursue my business at craft shows a few times a year.  Then I worked to convert those show customers into repeat online business.

Over the years, I’ve done only a handful of in-home parties, mostly for friends and a few repeat customers.  I enjoyed getting out of the house and meeting grown-ups!  If you’re a mom, you can get that!  We decided to do more and bigger shows in order to grow my business when my husband was able to take the Saturday off.  I began learning all I could about Facebook parties and began developing business in that arena.  Most recently, I’ve added email parties to my bag of tricks! These online adventures were even better, because I could do them from home, even when my husband was working, while the kids were asleep down the hall!

Since joining in 2011, I have promoted from Consultant (now referred to as Stylist) to Supervisor to Manager, with a team of over 200.  I still enjoy taking Lilla Rose to craft fairs and doing online parties!

Why do I love this company so much?

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