Thanks for Shopping Hair Tutorials!

Thank you for shopping at my Lilla Rose Hair Accessories booth at the vendor event this weekend! I’m going to run through a few of the hairstyles that I demonstrated at the event, in case you need to see anything again! You can watch the whole, 15 minute video HERE, or scroll down now to watch short clips of the demos that apply to you!

I always get started each day by taking care of my hair! You can see all of our Hair Essentials HERE. I regularly use our Rosewater Hydrosol Mist and Hair Masque, to keep my hair soft and conditioned. I also use Gauze Hair Towel after I shampoo, rather than heated drying, though if I’m rushed for time, I will use the Bamboo Hair Towel. I always use a Wide Tooth Comb on my hair, and my daughters use the Detangling Leave-In Conditioner… which is why I don’t use it… they keep taking it!

Other Hair Essentials we carry are: Hair Mascaras for touch-ups and fun colors, a (new) Silk Pillowcase, Geranium Hydrosol Mist, Thermal Defense heat protectant, Amplifying Foam, Shower Caps, Dry Shampoo, Sea Salt Spray, Fine Tooth Comb and a Hair Brush.

Most often I will lead my demonstration with a full twist using a Medium Flexi-Clip. Medium is the size I use for my long, medium thickness hair. Your full twist may require a different size Flexi-Clip. You can watch my whole sizing video HERE, or scroll down to the bottom of this page and I’ll include it as well. Just a little longer clip of my Full Twist Demo is here:

When the weather gets cooler, you’ll see me wearing a Half-Up hairstyle more often. This is crazy easy and quick! Find all the Flexi-Clips you need HERE!

The Ponytail is another common hairstyle for me. I usually do a ponytail with a Flexi Sport, but I can also make one with a Flexi-Clip. Sometimes my ponytail is an XS, sometimes a Small.

The Sport is reversible – so the size range for this Medium Sport is Extra Small/Small/Medium. I use the Sport on the smaller size for my ponytail. I can flip it over and use the larger side for my full twist!

You can learn more about the Flexi Sport (if you really want to geek out on the type of plastic and everything) HERE in another of my blog posts. See what colors are currently available for Sports HERE.

If you purchased a Hair Stick, Upin Set or Single Upin, plain or beaded Swerve, or an Acrylic Upin and you can’t remember that trick to lock it into place, watch these videos (one above and one below)! The video below shows me adding a second Upin, from those decorative pins that come in a set of two.

See all the selections of Upins (Acrylics, Sets, Swerves, etc) HERE or Hair Sticks HERE.

OK, it’s real life here – I often get asked if the Leather 8s and Braided Leather 8s are harder to use. I’m upfront about keeping up with the stick, and the fact that I’ve shot my leather piece across the room when I pulled the stick and forgot that it wasn’t attached! But this video below, while demonstrating how easy they are to use, also demonstrate how you just might need to pay a little extra attention when putting them in! LOL (insert face palm here…)

Lilla Rose Hairbands come with an adjustable Comfort Strap that attaches to each hairband! These go all the way around your head and are very comfortable. I like that they don’t interfere with my glasses. Another cute hairstyle I like doing with my hairbands is the Hairband Tuck – watch that video HERE.

See all currently available Hairbands HERE.

If I did not show something that you need to see, please reach out and let me know! I have access to a LOT more tutorial videos! Your purchase from me at the shows means you’ve purchased my time as well, and I really want you to be happy with, and wearing, your purchase!

Please reach out to me via text at (254) 988-7217 (this is a text service I use, not my private number, so you can reach out 24/7) or find me on Facebook at Sue Ellen’s Lilla Rose Page: The Growing Hale.

If you’d like to join my text or email list, text the word HELLO to (254) 988-7217 to get set up!

If you’re having trouble with your clip not staying in or having trouble getting it in – listen to the guarantee above and check my sizing video below:

Find more hairstyle videos:

Thank you!

– Sue Ellen

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