Why do I love this company so much?

One of my daughters modeling a twist with a coordinating hairband.

Obviously, the product is awesome!  It’s one-of-a-kind.  There is no direct sales competition, only the on-the-shelf hair accessories at the drug stores and big box.  Our products are designed to work in all types and all thicknesses of hair, so our market is huge.  Know someone with hair?  You know a perfect customer!

The home office staff truly cares about us.  Shoot, our founder called every.single.person that came to our last convention and thanked us for coming and said to also thank our husbands and families for making the sacrifice to share us for the weekend.  Seriously.  Who else does that?  I have experienced no cut-throat or back-stabbing from my fellow Stylists, only support, encouragement and love.  I have developed great friendships and business partners in these ladies.  They help me grow and truly want to see each other succeed.  (Psst… the inventor/founder/owner of the company, John Dorsey, even came to my home and interviewed me back in 2015!  Click here to watch my video!)

It’s affordable.  The start-up costs were very affordable, my own replicated website was free, there were no monthly or quarterly minimums to meet.  I’ve dabbled in a few other DS companies in my lifetime, and this company stands out as THE easiest businesses to operate.

It’s low pressure.  I am free to work my business as much or as little as I want.  I can do home style boutiques, or vendor shows, or online boutiques, or blog reviews, or one-on-one meetings – however I want to work it, I can!  I can take time off if I need to.

Sounds good, right?

If you’re still with me, and interested in learning more, I invite you to my Opportunity Page on my website, where you can watch another video from our fearless leader, John, and also watch >>this video<< , which will answer your questions about starting up with the Fast Start Kit.  And if you have more questions, please use the Contact Me page and shoot me a quick message.  I’d love to talk to you more!