Welcome to my blog!  I’m Sue Ellen Hale, born & raised (as well as self-proclaimed) Farm Girl. Yup, I grew up on a pig farm.  Let me tell you, my house was not the popular stop on the bus route when the wind was from the south…  Now, my husband and I are growing four children, a whole menagerie of animals, ever growing gardens and a few home based businesses.  I was a scrapbooker before I had children, a mommy blogger back when I only had one child, and now I’m just hoping all my photos don’t mysteriously disappear when my computer crashes.  My happy place is dusk in the garden… with some good mosquito spray.

Now life finds me growing.  Growing in my faith, growing my marriage (we passed 20 years together!), growing & teaching my children, growing my own business, growing my gardens, and growing myself.  Growth… It’s a never ending journey!

Let me know you dropped by, and hopefully you’ll find something useful while you’re here.

If you’d like to join my business mailing list or want more information about a particular topic, feel free to use the contact form here, and mention that you got there from the blog! Thanks!

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