Welcome to the Party! …On-Demand (Lilla Rose)

Lilla Rose Flexi-Clips and Swerve U-Pin

Welcome to the Lilla Rose On-Demand Style Show! I know you’re busy, so I’ve set this up to be the easiest direct sales party you’ve ever attended!

You’ll simply view this page and click the links and watch the videos on YOUR schedule, while supporting our Hostess and helping her earn free and discounted products! <Click here> to go directly to your Hostess’s shopping link if you’re ready to jump in.

Take my Hairstyle Quiz for your first chance to be entered into a Door Prize for a free hair accessory! Otherwise, read and learn on!

Direct sales is simply a representative bringing the products directly to you, rather than you going to a store to look for something yourself. For this event, I am your representative, so allow me to introduce myself to you…

Hi, I’m Sue Ellen! I’m a fire wife and homeschooling mom of 4. My son has graduated and my girls are 16, almost 14, and 12, and they help me with our hair accessory business. The 4 of us girls wear Lilla Rose every. single. day.

I joined Lilla Rose in May 2011… what?! That was a loooong time ago! It’s true! I was surrounded by preschool and younger little girls and thought, “We’re going to need a lot of hair accessories in the next 20 years…” And we have!

You can read more about me and our family businesses by <clicking here>, if you’d like to get to know me a little better. Join my VIP Community on Facebook here!

If you haven’t heard of Lilla Rose, we are the hair accessory and hair care company that you always knew you needed, but just haven’t heard of yet!

We provide unique and beautiful accessories – sized hair clips, bobby pins, hair bands, hair pins and forks, and hair care products for beautiful hair every day.

Let’s start with that word, “sized.” The backbone of Lilla Rose is the Flexi-Clip, and yep, this is a sized hair clip! Getting the right size is crucial, so watch this 10-minute video on how to determine your correct size. After you watch, text the word SIZED, along with your base ponytail size, to (254) 988-7217 for another door prize entry!

If you need more help with sizing, try the video on my website <here>.

Generally speaking, down one size from your base ponytail size (described in the video above) is your half up, and up one size is your full twist size. Once we have your Flexi sizes, then you’ll know what size you need for the Flexi Flip and the Flexi Sport, too!

Our Hostess…

The Hostess of this Party-on-Demand is going to receive an amazing, exclusive Hostess Flexi-Clip, in addition to her free and discounted items! She can start choosing her half-priced items, once the party reaches just $100 in sales, but once we hit $200 her rewards will soar! For a closer look at our Hostess Benefits, click <here>. If you love what you see, make sure to let me know you’d like to learn more about in-person parties, text or scroll parties (like this one), or email treasure hunts!

**Please Note: If you click a link in this post to go to an item or group of items, you are not automatically connected to your party. You will be prompted to associate your order with an open party before you check out though, so make sure to look for your Hostess’s name!

<Click here> to go directly to your Hostess’s shopping link if you’re ready to jump in. Otherwise, let’s learn about some quick and easy hairstyles you can achieve with Lilla Rose accessories!

Now if we were meeting in person, I would demonstrate the Flexi-Clip and a few other accessories, and then I would pass around a variety of designs and let you try them out in your own hair. That way you could see for yourself how easy and comfortable these accessories are! Since we’re not together at this time, check out the videos below, and if you have any questions at all, please reach out and let me know! Text your questions to (254) 988-7217 at any time!

Quick & Easy Styling

When I think of quick & easy hairstyles, I think of 1) a half-up, 2) a ponytail, 3) full twist, and 4) a bun. I’m pretty basic in my own hairstyles, so check out these short videos…

Hey! There’s your first peek at the Flexi Sport, another version of the Flexi! You can geek out on the development of and even chemistry behind the Sport on my <blog post here>. We now have 27 different colors of the Sport in the Small/Medium size, and 4 colors in the Large/Extra size! The Sport and the Flip are both REVERSABLE, so they’ll offer you 2-3 sizes in one clip! More on that in a little bit.*

Perhaps you’re beginning to see that it takes me more time to comb my hair every day than it takes to style it! Now that’s what I call quick and easy!

<Click here> to go directly to your Hostess’s shopping link if you’re ready to check out the selections. Next, we’ll talk about the comfort of Lilla Rose accessories!

A Clear Leader in Comfort

We’ve all been there. Some of these hair accessories are painful! Lilla Rose to the rescue! In my opinion, here are the top accessories, in order of comfort (#1 being the most comfortable to me):

  1. Wood Pin Flexi Flip – With their all natural materials, these are so lightweight (yet still durable), that I can barely tell I’m wearing one! Bonus: One of them is named after me!
  2. Flexi Sport – These are also lightweight, but the grippy texture holds the hair really well! I use the Medium as a Small for a ponytail and the Extra as a Medium for a full twist!*
  3. Flexi Flip – The Flip is reversable, so one clip will cover several of your sizes.* See more in the video below.
  4. Flexi Clip – It’s the gold standard. 7 sizes means the right size for you should also be a comfortable fit for you!
  5. Acrylic Upins – I love these little powerhouse hair forks! They’re even perfect for a high bun to sleep in!

Though we rarely think about it – everyone’s head is a little bit differently shaped. So we may not all rank comfort on the same scale. I’ve heard from quite a few people, however, that would agree with my comfort scale.

<Click here> to go directly to your Hostess’s shopping link if you’re ready to shop now. Our next topic will be those * marked above…

Take a quick break and head over to my VIP Community on Facebook! Request membership and I’ll get you approved ASAP! If you’re already in, or when you request membership in my VIP Community, that will give you another Door Prize Entry!

Multiple Sizes, One Clip

*You keep seeing me refer to multiple sizes in one clip. That refers to the reversable Flexi Flip and Flexi Sport clips! They’re pretty amazing! The Flip does not include a centerpiece design, because it’s reversible, but it does include an upgrade to semi-precious stones and a stronger wire. These natural stones have slight variations in color and are beautiful as well as ultra-functional!

I referred to my <blog post here> where I gave a detailed explanation of the Flexi Sport! Long story short, if you didn’t read that – the Sport is made of a very grippy thermoplastic elastomer, is waterproof and great for active bodies!

Refer back up to that coin test sizing video to determine your base ponytail size. Those sizes will correspond to the Flip and Sport, too, though you’ll get several sizes in one clip. It’s pretty ingenius! On the website descriptions for Flip designs, you will also find a size comparison guide under “Product Details.”

<Click here> to go directly to your Hostess’s shopping link if you’re ready to browse. Now let’s talk about the beauty of Lilla Rose!

From Every Day to a Night on the Town!

In addition to the Flexi Clips, Flips and Sports, Lilla Rose has all the hair accessories you’ll ever need to style your hair easily, comfortably and beautifully!

Even the simplest style will look more elegant with the right accessory!

<Click here> to go directly to your Hostess’s shopping link if you’re ready to see all of the beautiful designs we have to offer! Once you’ve got the perfect accessories for your look, we don’t want to neglect the condition of your actual hair…

Let’s Care for Your Hair

My hair has never felt more soft and manageable since Lilla Rose launched our Hair Care Line! This is a BIG birthday year for me, and I’ve got an increasing number of tinsel strands gracing my head. Those hairs seem to have a mind of their own, but LR Hair Care helps me to keep them in check.

We call these our Essentials Line, and I regularly use the Hair Towel, Rosewater Mist, Hair Masque, Hair Serum, and Wide Tooth Comb, and I love how they make my hair easy to comb and soft to the touch! I just started using the Silk Pillowcase, too!

We also have Hair Mascara to cover your roots or add temporary color to your hair, Sea Salt Spray for texture, Thermal Defense for heat protection, and more!

<Click here> to go directly to your Hostess’s shopping link if you’re ready to select some accessories and hair care! Is your wish list growing and growing??

If you haven’t yet, it’s time to join the VIP Community! 😉

Is your wishlist too long?

Host a Party!

If you like what you see and would love to have more beautiful accessories, I would love to spoil you with a party! I can do a limited number of in-person Style Ups in my area of North Central Texas, text or email parties, catalog parties, and this Party-on-Demand format! If you don’t have any accessories yet, you may qualify for a Party-in-a-Bag, where I send you some samples to try out and share with friends & family. Read more about the Hostess Rewards here. Email me at sueellenslillarose@gmail.com or text my business number here: (254) 988-7217

Want it ALL??

Join the Sisterhood!

Every company’s Consultants will tell you that they’ve really enjoyed the people they’ve met through this business model. And it’s true! You do meet amazing people in direct sales and make some great friendships. Lilla Rose is no exception. We have an amazing community of Stylists who work together with team and not-even-team members all over the country. I never cease to be amazed by the generosity and willingness of Lilla Rose Stylists to help each other out.

Lilla Rose offers a free website, no monthly fees, generous commission, and your own stash of accessories to choose from daily! You can work this business through parties, craft & vendor events, online orders, or 1-on-1 sales either part-time, full-time or as a hobby. Lilla Rose offers monthly, quarterly and annual incentives to help you meet the goals you set for yourself, and free training as well.

…and now…

It’s time to SHOP!

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Text me at (254) 988-7217 with a screenshot of your cart before checking out so I can make sure you’re taking advantage of all of the current customer specials! I want to help you get the best deal possible!

March’s Customer Special is $2 Mini Flexi-Clips when your cart is at $50 or more! <Click here> to go directly to your Hostess’s shopping link if you’re ready! Scroll back along this page to refresh your memory, revisit any links you missed, or watch the demo videos again. You can also find even more hairstyle videos in my <YouTube Playlist>. And don’t miss my Connect Form below.

Stay in Touch!

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I think that about covers it! Thank you for reading to this point! You’re almost to the Door Prize! I hope you enjoyed learning a little about Lilla Rose and myself. Please reach out as mentioned above if you have any questions or need product suggestions for yourself or for gifting.

Make sure to click the Hostess Link to go to your party and try to get your order completed within the next few days. Scroll back up and check out any of the links you skipped over, to get the full picture. Thank you again for reading through the Party-On-Demand. My family appreciates your time and your business!

Thank You!

Thank you for reading all the way to the bottom! LOL! Don’t forget to enter the Door Prize Drawing! To enter, text the word DOORPRIZE to (254) 988-7217!