Easy text messages to invite your guests

I’m really excited to to have you as a hostess!  I hope we’re able to get you lots of free goodies with your hostess rewards!!!

Before you start inviting, please read over this well!

It is best to send a personal invitation (FB message, email, text, call or personal invitation) to the girls you think would *really* like what Lilla Rose has to offer, or friends you know already love Lilla Rose. This is an easy message that you can copy & paste – something like,

“Hey, girl! I’m going to be hosting a live Facebook party for some awesome Lilla Rose hair jewelry next week! I thought you’d be interested – can I send you an invitation??”

Easy as that, but please note this is NOT A GROUP MESSAGE, but individual message… Why? Because it makes her feel more important, like you really want her there, more so than if you’ve invited “500 of your closest friends” by just clicking their pictures on the invite screen! 😉

After you get positive responses to your personal invitation, reply with something like this,

“Great! I’ll add you to the event page! Here’s the link: https://www.link.com/events/123456789/ so that it’s easier to find.  Make sure to click “going” to be entered into the door prize drawing! Thanks!”

Please remember to change that link to your event link!  lol  And remember – they DO NOT have to be local!!  Then use the invite button on the event page! I’ll send you to the link after you’ve let me know you’ve read these instructions!

Also note, we’re sending them the link AND using the invite button on the event page!

After we’ve got a few to RSVP “going,” then please INVITE MORE!  Our goal is to invite no more than 50 friends, family and acquaintances or any one else that you’d like to invite, and hopefully we will end up with 15-25 ladies who will RSVP going! (Because not all that RSVP will actually show up either.)

Let me know if you have questions! I usually post one or two times per day until the party.  If you’ve attended one of my parties before, most of it will be the same, but I’ll try to mix in a few new posts so you’re not totally bored!

I’m excited to have you as a hostess!!

🙂 Let’s go get your guests excited, too! 🙂