Day 3 – Easy Updos with just one pin?

Can you believe you can create beautiful and comfortable updo hairstyles with just one pin? Upins fit the bill!

My sponsor, Paula, shows us the Acrylic Upins in this first video in FIVE different hairstyles! :

And I’ll show you a few other types of Upins, focusing on the Swerve Upin at the end:

And super quickly, here’s a decorative Swerve on my daughter’s bun:

Really any hairstyle shown in these video can be secured with any of our Upins: decorative sets, large geometric, Swerve or Acrylic! For today’s question, tell me which type of Upin appeals most to you and which of these hairstyles you’d like to try securing with just one pin!

Bonus question: If you’ve never used a Upin before, do you think just one pin would really work?

Remember – replying all five days will get you a free microfiber bag! It’s not too late to catch up and reply for any days you’ve missed.

Check out all the Upins on my website here: You may be shocked by how many there are!