Explaining the Ready Set Win Program for New Stylists

I’m so excited to have you join me on this amazing Lilla Rose journey!  One of the first things you need to understand is the Ready Set Win program.  Through this program, you’ll have the opportunity to earn up to $600 in product just by working your new business!


Everything begins counting from your first full month.  So if you join any time between the 2nd to the 31st day of the month, your first full month is the following month.  So, using Rusty as an example will look like this:

20180731_151934Rusty started her new business by joining on March 18.  Her first full month will be April.  She has until April 30 to reach $350 in wholesale personal sales volume (PSV).  That gives her roughly a month and a half to get her business up and running!  Rusty should jump right in and schedule a Grand Opening to invite her friends and family to introduce them to her new business!  She can also book her first Style Ups (aka parties) and vendor event with just the items from her Ready Set Style starter kit!  Also, any amount of PSV that was over the Month 1 Goal is rolled into next month’s total.

NOTE: If Rusty joined with the Ready Set Style + FAST START kit, her PSV automatically starts out at $500 and she has already earned a $75 Shopping Spree just for joining!  $150 is automatically applied toward her Month 2 goal.

LillaBagOldRusty also has the opportunity to earn a Lilla Bag during her first full month!  By recruiting one friend to join, and helping that friend get to $200 PSV herself, the beautiful Lilla Bag display purse can be hers! Carry like any purse or diaper bag to always advertise when you’re out and about.  A large pocket on the back and pockets inside help hold catalogs,  Lilla Looks and Style Sheets, so you’re always prepared to share your business!

NOTE: If Rusty joined with the Ready Set Style + FAST START kit, she will also get a BONUS when she brings a friend in to join her team – 40% of that New Stylist’s first order!  If the friend joined with FAST START as well… do the math real quick… that’s a $200 Bonus Check!

20180731_151908Rusty’s second full month will be here before she knows it!  Rusty will have until May 31 to reach her Month 2 goal of $525 PSV.  Keep in mind, PSV comes from customers ordering from Rusty’s free website as well as orders placed through her back office.  Any amount that was over the Month 1 Goal is rolled into this month’s total. As Rusty continues to work, the Month 2 Goal will be easy to accomplish and another $100 Shopping Spree will be added to her account!  Any other New Stylists that join Rusty’s team will have earned her another $50 Shopping Spree!  Any PSV over this month’s goal will apply to the next goal.

NOTE: If Rusty joined in March with the Ready Set Style + FAST START kit, any other New Stylists that join her team will again earn her 40% of their first order, up to $200 cash.

20180731_151838Since Rusty joined in March, her first full month is April.  Her second month will be May and her third month will be June.  Working hard has become a habit by now, and it’s paying off!  When Rusty’s roll-over + her PSV combine together to reach $700 PSV, she will earn another $150 Shopping Spree!  These shopping sprees can be used for business supplies as well as inventory, and by now Rusty probably needs to get some more order forms and such for all the business she’s been doing!  Any other New Stylists that join Rusty’s team will have earned her another $50 Shopping Spree, and you know it by now, and extra bonus if she was a FAST START!

Shopping Spree Tip:  Add business supplies to your shopping cart first when using your shopping spree points!  Then if any inventory in your order goes over the points amount, it will count toward that month’s PSV.

20180731_151808The last piece of the Ready Set Win program is the Winning Start, and the opportunity to earn the lovely Sterling Silver Lilla Rose LR Necklace.  This gift goes to New Stylists, Rusty included, when her cumulative PSV for her first three months reaches $2,000 and she has recruited a total of 3 New Stylists.

Through this process, Rusty has worked hard and earned the rewards of a thriving new business, new friendships, and a new place to belong.  Welcome to Lilla Rose, Rusty!

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